Clusiussymposium woensdag 18 maart 2020: The Japanese Footprint of Siebold in the Netherlands

The sessions will take place in the Academiegebouw , Rapenburg 73, in Leiden, between 10:00 and ca. 17.00, the venue will open at 9.30. The lectures will be presented in English. Registration is free. Please send an e-mail to if you wish to attend.


Prof. Dr. Willem van Gulik           Chair and Opening

  1. Prof. Dr. Hideaki Ohba                  Keynote lecture: ‘The Relevance of Siebold’s Herbarium’
  2. Prof. Dr. Pieter Baas                       The impact of Siebold and Tokunai’s wood collections
  3. Prof. Dr. Harm Beukers                 Medicinal plants in Japan
  4. Shantonu Abe Chatterjee MSc  Forgotten vegetables from Siebold’s time
  5. Dr. Daan Kok                                    Keiga – Siebold’s painter
  6. Drs. Gerard Thijsse                         Rise and demise of Siebold’s nursery in Leiderdorp
  7. Dr. Gerda van Uffelen                   Siebold’s living plants in the 21st century

Prof. Dr. Tinde van Andel             Summing-up

In 2020 it will be thirty years ago that the first Clusius symposium was organized: The Authentic Garden. Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold (1796 – 1866) has been of particular importance for the Hortus botanicus Leiden, Leiden University, and for Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden. The jubilee year for the university, Hortus and Naturalis is an excellent reason  to dedicate a symposium to Siebold’s work and heritage.

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