September 21st: Siebold symposium in Leiden

Save the date! At last, on Wednesday September 21st the Siebold symposium ‘The Japanese Footprint of Siebold in The Netherlands’ will take place in the Academy Building of Leiden University, Rapenburg 73, Leiden

You may register by sending an e-mail to Gerda van Uffelen: If you would like to lunch, please indicate this in an email and transfer €10 to the account of the Clusiusstichting, NL81ABNA0566434482

By now we have over 120 participants, which means that the Auditorium is full, and that we will have to place your name on the reserve list, and will let you know as soon as a place becomes available.

The Japanese Footprint of Siebold in The Netherlands

9:30                 Registration, Beeldentuin, University Academy Building, Rapenburg 73, Leiden

10:00               Welcome by Mr. Martine Mondt-Schouten, Chair Clusius Foundation

                        Introduction by Moderator Norbert Peeters, MA

10:15               Keynote lecture Prof. dr. Hideaki Ohba (University of Tokyo):

The relevance of Siebold’s Herbarium

11:00              Coffee Break

11:30               Prof. dr. Pieter Baas:

Tokunai’s decorated wood samples: a precious gift to Siebold

12:00               Dr. Kasper van Ommen:

                                   The heritage of Prof. dr. Harm Beukers, Siebold’s importance

12:30              Lunch Break

13:30               Prof. dr. Tinde van Andel and Shantonu Abe Chatterjee MSc

Forgotten vegetables from Siebold’s time: The Seikei Zusetsu agricultural catalogue (1793-1804)

14:00               Prof. dr. ir. Wybe Kuitert:

                                   Context and Praxis: the Siebold Memorial Garden in Leiden

14:30               Dr. Gerda van Uffelen:

                                   Siebold’s living plants in the 21st century

15:00              Tea Break

15:30               Dr. Daan Kok:

                                   Siebold’s favorite painter Keiga: a panorama screen view Nagasaki /Deshima

16:00               Prof. dr. Willem van Gulik

                                   Utamaro’s picture book of insects and flowers, a precious gift to Siebold

16:30               Summing up by Norbert Peeters

16:45               Closing remarks by Martine Mondt-Schouten

17:00 -1800                Drinks